1/8 Penny or 1/400 Dollar, Issued by, MacGreggor Liard, Nigeria, 1858 AD 1274 AH
Mint not recorded

Also attributed to Ghana, Sierra Leone and West Africa

Obverse Description

Legend in five lines; at top, LIARD, on ribbon SPERO MELIORA (translation: I hope for better things); divided by centre pillar, 1/8 / PENNY 1/400 DOLLAR; at bottom, 1858

Reverse Description

Three masted schooner rigged screw steamer under sail and steam power to left, above (in arabic numerals) 1/400; in exergue, (in Arabic numeral AH era) 1274

Edge Description



Struck for use at MacGregor Liard trading posts along the Niger and Benue river systems

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