Copper One Penny Token, minted by Heaton & Son, Birmingham, England, circa 1858. Issued by James Campbell, General Stores, Morpeth, New South Wales. James Campbell arranged for a large supply of tokens, both penny and halfpenny denominations from Heaton and Son, Birmingham.

Previous collections: Hon. W.M.K. Vale

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm dia) featuring the name and business name of the issuer, James Campbell General Stores of Morpeth. It features a representation of Justice standing blindfolded holding scales and an inverted cornucopiae spilling fruit on the ground. A sailing ship is on the horizon. Two slightly different reverse dies were employed to strike the penny tokens. On this example the word AUSTRALIA is 24.1 mm long starting 8.5 mm above the sea. A line along the bottom of the scale pans would just touch the bottom of the letter A.

Obverse Description

JAMES CAMPBELL / GENERAL STORES / . MORPETH . all lines are curved

Reverse Description

Female figure representing Justice standing facing left. She wears a blindfold and extends a balanced set of scales with her right hand. With her left she holds an inverted cornucopia from which fruits flow onto the ground among the fruit the letter G. She wears an ancient-style of flowing dress bound at the waist, her left arm is draped to near the elbow while drapery falls from her extended arm to below the horizon line behind; around above, AUSTRALIA. A three-masted sailing ship on horizon at left of token.

Edge Description


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