Alternative Name(s): Street Railway

Postcard inscribed in glitter paint 'A Happy Xmas, St Kilda & Brighton Electric Car', circa 1910. It depicts electric trams bearing the numbers 8 and 9, and the words 'Victorian Railways'. The trams are on the St Kilda & Brighton route.

The Brighton electric line opened in 1906. All of the tramcars and the trams depicted appear to be C29 models, which were built from 1898 by Hudson Bros. In March 1907 a fire consumed all of the rolling stock on the line, and replacement cars were quickly acquired from New South Wales until new cars could be built locally.

Description of Content

Two electric trams. Drivers stand at the front of each car, some passengers stand at the ends of the cars while other passengers are seated inside. The card is overstamped with "A Happy Xmas" in glitter.

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