One of 49 photographs in an album from World War I likely to have been taken by Troop (later Lieutenant) G.S. Millar depicting the Light Horse camp in Egypt, 1915, prior to Gallipoli.

This image shows the outpost guard around the Australian Light Horse Camp at el-Ma'adi (Meadi). El-Ma'adi (Meadi) Camp was one of three training camps in Egypt that were used by the A.I.F. and the N.Z.E.F.

Description of Content

Image depicting an unsealed road that disappears into the horizon. In the foreground, to the right of the image is an automobile and a man wearing a fez and a suit who is facing away from the camera, apparently attending to a horse that stands in front of him. In the background is a group of four servicemen, one who appears to be standing a his post and is stationed so that he is facing towards the right frame of the photograph, and the other three who are walking towards the camera. Behind the servicemen there is a small wooden structure, a row of tents and what appears to be a wall constructed from sandbags. A row of power lines runs just off centre towards the right and disappearing into the background.

Physical Description

Monochrome photograph in red, cloth-bound photograph album.

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