One of 49 photographs in an album from World War I likely to have been taken by Troop (later Lieutenant) G.S. Millar depicting the Light Horse camp in Egypt, 1915, prior to Gallipoli.

Image depicting Trooper G.S. Millar and Reg Plant in a car, along with two Egyptian nationals. Segeant Reginald Arthur Nevelle Plant enlisted on October 25, 1914 and was assigned to the 5th Light Horse Regiment, A Squadron. In August 1915 he was promoted to Lieutenant and at the end of the war he remained 'effective abroad.' Trooper George Simpson Millar enlisted on October 1, 1914 and was assigned to the 5th Light Horse Regiment, C Squadron. In November 1915 Trooper Millar was granted a provisional discharge to take up a commission as a Second Lieutenant with the Royal Field Artillery, Special Reserve, Imperial Force. Millar served with the Royal Field Artillery for 2½ years before re-enlisting as a Lieutenant with the Australian Imperial Force in January 1918. He returned to Australia in December 1918.

Description of Content

Image depicting two servicemen in the front seat of a car, with two Egyptian nationals. One of the Egyptians is sitting in the back seat, whilst the other stands off to the side, facing the camera. All except the serviceman in the passenger seat are facing the camera.

Physical Description

Monochrome photograph in red, cloth-bound photograph album.

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