One of 239 glass lantern slides depicting products manufactured by Tangyes Limited engineers of Birmingham, England. The images include various products such as engines, centrifugal pumps, hydraulic pumps, gas producers, materials testing machines, presses, machine tools, hydraulic jacks etc. Tangyes was a company which operated from 1857 to 1957. They produced a wide variety of engineering products exported worldwide including Australia and other British colonies.

It is thought that this collection of magic lantern slides was used by a local agent for sales purposes. These images were originally used to illustrate Tangyes Ltd product catalogues from the period 1910 - circa 1920s.

Description of Content

View (circa 1880) of the old Newcomen mine pumping steam engine at Fairbottom, Ashton-Under-Lyne near Manchester, UK. Known locally as 'Fairbottom Bobs', it was an early atmospheric steam engine installed in about 1760 to pump water from the Cannel coal mines. The remains of this engine and pumping equipment were purchased by Henry Ford in 1929 and taken to Dearborn, Michigan, USA, site of the Henry Ford Museum.

Physical Description

Standard format (3¼ x 3¼ inch square) lantern slide, comprising black & white photographic image printed on glass with black paper rectangular round cornered mask against image under protective glass cover plate; sealed with black paper binding tape around edge.

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