Copper Halfpenny Token, minted by Heaton & Son, Birmingham. Issued by Weight & Johnson, Drapers & Outfitters, Sydney, circa 1857. J.W. Weight & James Johnson, drapers, are listed in two Sydney Directories (Sand's Directories for 1857-1858 and 1861-1862). Over the period 1851-1870, John Weight was the only draper of that surname listed in Sydney directories, other than this four-year interlude where J.W. Weight is listed as a principal of Weight & Johnston.

Physical Description

A round copper token (28 mm diameter). The token design featuring the name, business and address of the issuer: Weight & Johnson, drapers and outfitters, Liverpool and London House, Pitt St. Sydney. It features a representation of Justice standing blindfolded holding scales and an inverted cornucopiae spilling fruit on the ground. A sailing ship is on the horizon.

Obverse Description

WEIGHT & JOHNSON / DRAPERS &C / LIVERPOOL / & / LONDON HOUSE / 249 & 251 PITT ST / SYDNEY Weakly struckat centre.

Reverse Description

Justice blindfolded standing facing to left on beach; extends balanced scales in right hand and holds inverted cornucopia from which fruits flow in left onto the ground; sailing ship in background at left.

Edge Description


More Information

  • Collection Names

    Alfred Chitty Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Clothing & Textiles, Numismatics & Philately, Working Life & Trades

  • Acquisition Information

    Transfer from National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Mr Alfred Chitty, 15 Mar 1976

  • Date Issued

    circa 1857 AD

  • Issued By

    Weight & Johnson, Sydney, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1850-1867

  • Mint

    Heaton & Sons (Mint)

  • Previous Collection

    Mr Alfred Chitty

  • Inscriptions


  • Denomination


  • Series

    Trade Tokens

  • Material


  • Axis


  • Classification

    Trade tokens, Australia - new south wales, Working strikes

  • Category

    History & Technology

  • Discipline


  • Type of item


  • Dimensions

    29 mm (Outside Diameter), 8.375 g (Weight)

  • Shape


  • References

    The museum's storage is based around identification of the particular obverse die employed to strike a token. The Weight & Johnson halfpenny issue employed four slightly different obverse dies. Identification is a little difficult: If there is no dot under the T of ST after PITT it is either die C or E for the museum's storage system, if then the lowest point D of DRAPER is between the letters LI of LIVERPOOL it is die C, else, with the point of the D above the letter I, it is die E. If there is a dot under the T of ST after PITT it is either die B or D for the museum's storage system, if then the verticle stroke of the numeral 4 would extend between the letters ON of LONDON it is die B, else, if the extension would pass through the first verticle stroke of the letter N, it is die D. This token was struck with obverse die E, the only die where the Y of points between the two T's of PITT.
    [Book] Andrews, Arthur. 1921. Australasian Tokens and Coins., No. 619
    [Book] Heyde, Gilbert C. & Skinner, Dion H. 1967. Unofficial Coins of Colonial Australia and New Zealand., No. 272/4

  • Keywords

    Clothing, Drapers, Retailing, Shops