Copper Halfpenny Token, minted by Heaton & Son, Birmingham, England, circa 1858. Issued by James Campbell, General Stores, Morpeth, New South Wales. James Campbell arranged for a large supply of tokens, both penny and halfpenny denominations from Heaton and Son, Birmingham.

Physical Description

A round copper token (28 mm dia) featuring the name and business name of the issuer, James Campbell General Stores of Morpeth. It features a representation of Justice standing blindfolded holding scales and an inverted cornucopiae spilling fruit on the ground. A sailing ship is on the horizon.

Obverse Description

JAMES CAMPBELL / GENERAL STORES / . MORPETH . all lines are curved

Reverse Description

Justice standing blindfolded facing to left; right asrm extended and holding scales, left hand holds an inverted cornucopia from which fruits flow; sailing ship on sea at left.

Edge Description


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