Aluminium lid for the Kuchenwunder (cake wonder), Jenaer Glass (Jenager Glas) baking dish, used by the Schoknecht family. The Schoknecht family were Germans who migrated to Australia. Alan Schoknecht mother's family were Lutheran and migrated to Queensland in 1864.

His father's family, also Lutheran, migrated first to Mount Gambier in the mid 1800s, before moving to the Wimmera. The Wimmera, like the Barossa Valley in South Australia, had a large Lutheran German population in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many of these migrants maintained their German traditions, like the Schoknecht family did using this dish to bake traditional German cakes.

Physical Description

Circular, aluminium lid. Centre of lid is raised, and has a circular aperture for inserting a glass window. The lid has two black handles on opposide sides. There are eight rectangular apertures along the lower rim, for ventilation when steaming or cooking; the tube pan to which the lid is connected, has the same patterning so that, when attached, the holes can be sealed or aligned, to allow steam to escape.


Used within the vendor's family. He remembers his aunts using the dish, which might date it to the 1930s. Both sides of the vendor's family were Germans who migrated to Australia. His father's side were Lutheran who moved first to Mount Gambier in the mid 1800s, then to the Wimmera. his mother's side moved to Queensland first in 1864 and were also Lutheran. Like the Barossa Valley in SA, many German Lutherans moved to the Wimmera. The Schoknecht family maintained many of its German traditions and this cake baking dish is evidence of that.

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