Alternative Name(s): Button

Plastic-coated metal badge, white, with inscription 'heterosexuals unafraid of gays and lesbians' and image of panda. Probably dates from the period 1970-1990.

Part of a Museum Victoria collection documenting the material culture of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities in Victoria. In 2005 the Museum joined with the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives and the State Library of Victoria to conducted a survey of GLBT material culture in public and private collections in Victoria. Refer Kate Davison (2006), Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender Material Survey: Project Report 2006.

Physical Description

Circular, plastic coated metal badge with white background and black text. The words run around the edge of the badge to form a border, in the centre of which is a picture of a panda. A metal pin fastener is on the back.


Badges like these are commonly distributed and worn by protestors who take part marches, blockades and other public campaigns relating to legislation, Government policy, or community attitudes. They are often produced by political lobbying groups, and are worn on the day of the protest and afterwards, while the campaign is still current. Sometimes they are supplemented by posters, T-shirts and banners, and other ways of communicating the message.

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