Hand made marionette depicting a male explorer. It was manufactured and operated in Melbourne by Alex and Murray Smith, who performed as part of Le Forgeron Marionettes from 1930 until 1956.

Physical Description

Marionette depicting a male explorer, who is wearing a knee-length, dusty pink/maroon colour, jacket, with three buttons down the front. There are a few small holes in his jacket. Underneath this he wears a navy, green and white top and brown, pin-stripe pants. His black shoes are painted on, as are his turquoise socks. His felt soles are in good condition. The explorer has a wad of cotton wool up his right sleeve; reason unknown. His face is not chipped or cracked and he retains most of his hair. His eyes are plastic turquoise with black pupils. The Explorer wears a straw hat. He has mechanism. There are operating strings attached to numerous parts of him, including his head, limbs and shoulders. The feet have been weighted

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