Part of a hand made marionette, depicting only the head of a royal guard. It was manufactured and operated in Melbourne by Alex and Murray Smith, who performed as part of Le Forgeron Marionettes from 1930 until 1956.

Physical Description

Part of a marionette depicting a Guard's Head. He has a goofy expression, which is in good condition. He has peachy coloured skin, a button nose, blue eyebrows and circular eyes which have black rims and a line over the bridge of his nose, as if he is wearing glasses, yet they do not reach his ears. His black beard is in good condition.His hat is of woven synthetic green straw and remains predominantly intact, albeit a little out of shape. His ears look a little poorly, as they are cracked and seem to have been replastered and painted over in a burnt orange colour. The cavity inside his head has been stuffed with newspaper.

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