Luggage bag made from canvas and leather issued by the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRENS) to Daphne (Joule) Armstrong, circa 1944. Daphne was a member of the WRENS from 1944-1947 and her husband was in the airforce. Although the standard army issue bags were basic kit bags, Daphne was given two superior canvas bags with zips and leather handles to use during her naval service.

In 1955 Daphne, her husband and two children migrated to Australia from Essex, England as 10 pound tourists. They used the two bags and Daphne's naval officer's case and her husband's airforce suitcase to transport most of their belongings.

Her husband was an architect and they came out after his employment by Leighton Irwin architectural firm. He worked on Prince Henry's Hospital and also designed their home in Sandringham where they first settled and still live.

Physical Description

Large khaki coloured canvas bag with leather trim and leather handles (secured to the bag on fixed leather strips and metal rings). The interior of the bag is accessed through a zip located on the top of the bag. There are ten small metal feet on the bottom of the bag, one in each corner, one each in between the corner studs (to make three in a row at each end), and four in a diamond formation in the centre. There are also leather corner protectors on the underside/ side panels of the bag and at either end of the zip.

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