Ireland Cloghjordan
William Hodgins Token Penny, 1858 (AD)
Mint: Unknown Great Britain

Standard References: Andrews 659 = Heyde 109

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter). The token features the name and business of the company that commissioned its production, William Hodgins, Banker in Cloghjordan Ireland together with a bouquet of rose, thistle and shamrock tied at the base by a ribbon bearing the motto ERIN GO BRACH and the date 1858.

Obverse Description

Across centre, BANKER; above, WILLIAM HODGINS; below, CLOGHJORDAN

Reverse Description

At centre a rose , shamrock and thistle tied at their stems with a ribbon bearing the motto ERIN GO BRACH; above, IRELAND; below, 1858

Edge Description


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