Book entitled 'Victoria: The British "El Dorado" ' written by Charles Rooking Carter and published by Edward Stanford, London, 1870. Carter wrote the book on returning to Britain from Victoria in 1870, when he discovered that the 'old country' was in a poor state economically, and that although the question of emigration was receiving a large amount of public attention, there was a general lack of knowledge as to the real conditions in Australia. Carter's book attempts to inform people as to the great opportunities in Victoria, although he tries to show 'the dark as well as the bright surface.' (p. viii)

Physical Description

Hardbound book with 214 pages of written text and 22 pages of supplementary catalogue information. The exterior cover is red and has some decorative embellishment on the surface. The name of the book and publisher is printed in gold on the spine of the book. The interior pages are printed in black ink and there are also two colour 'views' (painted illustrations) and a colour map.

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