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Booklet titled 'Immigration: A Policy of Perfidy' written by Dr. J.C.A. Dique, published by the Australian League of Rights, circa 1988. In the preface Dique states that the book provides evidence of the following: that the Australian birth rate has fallen as a result of declining marriage rates, which have decreased due to over taxation; that instead of encouraging young people to marry and have families the Australian Government has implemented policies which do the reverse; the Australian Government has encouraged migration to 'man the wheels of industry'; that ABS statistics show the Australian Government is engaging in policies which will destroy national unity, social equality and industrial harmony; and that the Australian Government is creating various frontier-like situations by selling large areas of land to aliens.

Interestingly Dr Dique was himself an immigrant to Australia arriving in 1948 with his wife and children. He was however a British citizen, he was born in Mandalay, Burma to British parents in 1915, and therefore easily able to assimilate with the Australian population.

Physical Description

A staple-bound booklet written by Dr. J.C.A. Dique. Black text on white paper. Cover is white card with black text and features the outline of the country of Australia in-filled with a blue, red and white Australian flag.


This is one of an important collection of documents representing the anti-immigration debate in Australia. Many were first published by the Australian League of Rights several years ago and are either still for sale or have been reprinted.

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