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Booklet titled 'The Cost of Multiculturalism' written by Stephen J. Rimmer and published by the Australian League of Rights in 1991. The author argues that the policy of multiculturalism has: seen the growth of government funded ethnic groups which have exerted considerable influence over Australia's immigration program; seen Australian governments employ ethnicity as a criterion for the allocation of public goods and services for many cultural and economic activities, which has resulted in increased wasteful government spending; and it has reduced Australia's efficiency, productivity and international competitiveness via the declining English language skills of immigrants. He also argues that there has been a systematic attempt by sections of the Federal and State Governments in Australia first to hide, then to distort, the real costs of multiculturalism.

Physical Description

A bound booklet written by Stephen J. Rimmer. Black text on white paper. Cover is printed in the colours of the Australian flag: a royal blue coloured card with red text, featuring the outline of the country of Australia in white and filled with cartoons of people drawn in red.


This is one of an important collection of documents representing the anti-immigration debate in Australia. Many were first published by the Australian League of Rights several years ago and are either still for sale or have been reprinted.

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