5 Cents, Issued by British North Borneo, Malaysia, 1941 H
Minted by Heaton & Son, Birmingham, England

Obverse Description

Shield of arms of the British North Borneo Company; on shield, a lion above a dhow; native warrior supporters one holding a shield the other as large machete; the crest, two arms holding a flag staff; below on ribbon the motto PERGO ET PERAGO (translation: I undertake and I achieve); below, the mint mark, H

Reverse Description

Within a circle of beads, 5 / CENTS; around, STATE OF NORTH BORNEO . 1941 .

Edge Description



The British North Borneo Company had the right to produce coin under its Royal Charter, granted in 1881. It had 1 cent coins struck in England from 1882 and 1/2 cent pieces from 1885. These coins were linked to the silver dollar as used in the Straits Settlement and Hong Kong. In 1903-1904 it moved from the use of bronze to copper-nickel, issuing 1 cent and new denominations of 2 1/2 cents and 5 cent in that metal. This, the last issue under the control of the Company, occurred in 1941. One million each of the 1 and 5 cent coins were produced and place into circulation that year. The Japanese invasion in 1942 and occupation until 1945 ended the Company's control with the area becoming a British Colony after liberation.

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