Grill pan from gas stove, Metters 'Early Kooka', in green and cream. The stove was made by Metters KFB Pty Ltd, Footscray, Victoria.

The stove was used by the donor's mother in her North Caulfield house. It was already in the house when her mother bought it in the 1940s. Originally there was a wood fire stove as well as the gas Kooka stove in the kitchen. The gas was piped in and was switched to natural gas at some point. The gas Kooka was used until 2001 when the donor's mother moved to a nursing home. It had no temperature thermostat so cooking was done through familiarity with the heat of the stove. Between the 1950s and 1980s a small thermometer was used to check the temperature of the oven before baking cakes in it.

Physical Description

Rectangular, yellow enamel grill pan with handle. Removable wire rack sits inside pan.

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