Soft back book/ manual titled 'List of Call Signs and Numerical Identities' published by the International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, 1991 (15th Edition). The manual details the call signs and signifiers used by maritime mobile and mobile-satellite services.

This book was collected from the Melbourne Coastal Radio Station after it was closed in July 2002. In addition to communications equipment and documentation, items in general office use were collected in order to represent as far as possible the working environment at the time of closure.

Physical Description

The softback book has a green cover with black print, the interior however is printed in black ink on white paper. The information is presented in chapter form with five chapters in total (French) and four separate sub-sections in chapter four. There is a single staple along the top rim of the exterior cover and six additional staples along the right hand side where a sheet of paper has previously been attached.

More Information