Printed 'Daily Log Pad' which records all call signals heard/ received by the Melbourne Maritime Radio Facility.

This pad was collected from the Melbourne Coastal Radio Station after it was closed in July 2002. In addition to communications equipment and documentation, items in general office use were collected in order to represent as far as possible the working environment at the time of closure.

Physical Description

Portrait format black and white printed sheet (identical on both sides). The page is titled 'DAILY LOG' and has written instruction on how to fill in the form. Below these instructions is a 8 columned table in which relevant call sign/signal information can be recorded. The log must then be signed by the 'officer in charge' and must also have a 'checked by' signature. Strengthened by a cardboard backing, the log pad contains approximately 100 of these sheets, which are glued together along the top of the sheet.

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