Bound book 'Visitors: Melbourne Radio'. Visitors to the Radio Station were asked to sign in on arrival. It contains the signatures of people participating in the official opening of the station on 3 June 1966 and those visiting on its last day 30 June 2002.

This book was collected from the Melbourne Coastal Radio Station after it was closed in July 2002. In addition to communications equipment and documentation, items in general office use were collected in order to represent as far as possible the working environment at the time of closure.

Physical Description

Visitors Book. Brown, Leather cover with gold text. Cover is stained and scratched from use - noticeably with four coffee cup stains. The first visitor entry is 3/6/1966, through to 30/06/2002. Only 8 pages remain unused. Pages are lined and ruled into four columns - three have headings: "Date", "Name", "Address."

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