Uberti Colt 1851 Navy percussion revolver, based on late third model, cal. .36 in., rifled octagonal barrel 190 mm (7 1/2 in) long with loading lever attached. Issued to commemorate the centenary of the death of bushranger Ned Kelly.

Made by A. Uberti, Srl, Italy, 1980. Serial number A2 88961.

Engraved by Victorian firearm engraver Phil Vinnicombe in 1980, and so stamped underneath the barrel.

Physical Description

Thick loading lever catch. Six chambered cylinder engraved with naval battle scene, cylinder retains strong originaly factory blueing, small rounded steel trigger guard, steel frame, steel back strap engraved '1855 Ned Kelly 1880', 'Slim Jim' style wooden grips, loading lever rammer screw enters from L.H. side, pin style front sight. No barrel address, rather the engraved 'NED KELLY COMMEMORATIVE * 1880 - 1980 *' along top barrel flat. Frame and barrel at breech end richly engraved in large, loose foliate scrolls with stippled background, percussion cut-out framed with an engraved border motif, and the Ned Kelly's iron helmet is engraved in light relief on the L.H.side of the percussion shield.


This Colt 1851 Navy is a copy made by the well-known Italian firearm manufacturer of replica firearms, A. Uberti, Srl. The company was founded in 1959 by Aldo Uberti. The company's first replicas, and still arguably one of their mainstays, are western era muzzle-loading firearms. This Colt Navy is a combination of several features of the original Colt produced Navy. It is based principally on the late third model, with the small triggerguard and bevelled 'V' cut-out on the barrel lug, however it has the thick loading lever catch - a feature of the late fourth model. Engraved by Victorian firearm engraver, Phil Vinnicombe, it is similar stylistic to two Uberti Remington 1858 New Model revolvers also engraved by Vinnicombe in the collection.

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