Wooden framed Chart Holder with pull down maps made by J. Creffield Pty. Ltd. Map Mounters, Melbourne.

This equipment was collected from the Melbourne Coastal Radio Station after it was closed in July 2002. In addition to communications equipment and documentation, items in general office use were collected in order to represent as far as possible the working environment at the time of closure.

Physical Description

Wooden map holder designed for attachment to a wall and holding five maps. Maps are mounted on a series of horizontal rollers, one above the other and stepped outwards from the lowest roller which is closest to the wall to the topmost roller which is furthest from the wall. This arrangement allows each map to be pulled down from its roller without being obstructed by the other maps. Each map is fitted with a wooden dowel along its lower edge and a short string and toggle attached to the centre of each dowel allows the map to be pulled down from the holder. The front of each map roller housing carries a label identifying the map on that roller. The maps/ charts are printed in colour on parchment coloured paper.

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