Curved compression forceps manufactured by Hatrick, circa 1930-1950.
Ring and hook handle with central hinge allows for scissor-like motion that assists in compression as well as grasping, holding and manipulation during dental or surgical procedures.

Previously owned by Dr Leopold Polack who operated a dental practice in Hawthorn, Victoria from the1950s-1970s.

Physical Description

Chromed, metal forceps. The two components are angled at the head. They are joined at the bend via a circular aperture on one and a circular protrusion on the other that fit together when compressed. The ends of each components are shaped into handles - one has a ring grip, the other has been finished in a hook shape. Tips of each component have been flattened and widened slightly at the very end; there is a series of ridges on the interior ends to provide a firm grip. The exterior surface is rusted and flaking off in parts.

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