Compression forceps manufactured pre 1950.
Irregular ring handle with central box jointed hinge creates scissor-like motion that assists in compression as well as grasping, holding and manipulation during dental or surgical procedures.
Ratchet locking mechanism allow the forceps to be secured in a closed position enabling other procedures to be undetaken concurrently.

Previously owned by Dr Leopold Polack who operated a dental practice in Hawthorn, Victoria from the1950s-1970s.

Physical Description

Chromed, metal forceps. Implement is formed, with mild curves, in an 'S' shape. The two arms are screwed together towards the tip. The ends of each components are shaped into handles - one has a ring grip for the thumb, the other has an oval ring grip for two fingers. Tips of each component come to blunt points at the ends; there is a series of ridges on the interior ends to provide a firm grip. The exterior surface is rusted and flaking off in parts. The handles have a mechanism to allow them to be locked in the closed position.

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