Membership Card and documents from the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society, DECUS Australia, N.S.W. Issued to the CSIRO Material Science Division, University of Melbourne.

The Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS) was set up by early users of the PDP-1 computer, which was manufactured by Digital Electronic Corporation (DEC), in Massachsetts, United States of America. The creation of DECUS was driven by the need to share information and computer programs for the PDP-1. One of the key reasons was that early users had to write their own software; DEC initially sold only hardware. Set up in 1961, DECUS grew to be one of the largest international societies of computer users in the world.

Physical Description

There are three letters individual items contained in a business format envelope with blue printed text and logo and typed, black address label. The first letter is a 'Dear Member' letter updating membership details and the progress of the installation of upgraded systems. The second letter is a membership audit sheet which details the membership details of the receiver. The final object in the envelope is the actual, plastic, membership card which was stuck to a rectangular piece of paper (now separate).

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