Teleprinter Auto-Transmitter Models 6S/6 and 6S/6-M Maintenance Instructions. Published by Creed and Company Limited. Instruction book No.33, 10th Edition, April 1959. Pages: 55, Plates (photographs): 6, Figures: 18.

This 10th edition of Instruction Book No.33 deals with the latest models of the Creed striker-type automatic transmitter, the 6S/6 and the 6S/6-M. In the former, the clutch is mechanically controlled while, in the latter, it is magnetically controlled. The Book gives full information on maintaining the machines in good running order together with notes on installing and operating. Motor instructions are given in the three sections of chapter VIII, separate from those for the rest of the machine.

Physical Description

Spiral bound book. 55 pages plus plates and illustrations. Covers are pale brown card with black text; pages are off-white and printed both sides.

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