Decuscope the Official newsletter for the Digital Equipment Users Society, Vol 17, Number 2, 1978. Periodical containing user submitted articles describing software and hardware solutions in scientific, business and commercial applications. Published by the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society.

The Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS) was set up by early users of the PDP-1 computer, which was manufactured by Digital Electronic Corporation (DEC), in Massachsetts, United States of America. The creation of DECUS was driven by the need to share information and computer programs for the PDP-1. One of the key reasons was that early users had to write their own software; DEC initially sold only hardware. Set up in 1961, DECUS grew to be one of the largest international societies of computer users in the world.

Physical Description

Newsletter. Single page document, folded in twice to create six printed faces. Light brown paper with black text and a single sepia photograph image on the front.

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