One Penny, Issued by Bahamas, 1806.
Minted at Soho Mint, Birmingham.

Obverse Description

Bust of George III facing right; around, GEORGIUS III.D:G.REX. 1806; on bust truncation the artist's initial, K.

Reverse Description

At centre, ship under sail to right with an island and second ship in the background, above, BAHAMA; in exergue in three lines, EXPULSES PIRATIS / RESTITUTA / COMMERCIA (translation: Commerce restored by the expulsion of pirates)

Edge Description

Centre milled


The Island Assembly ordered 500 pound currency of these pieces in 1803 to act a small change for 'petty dealers and negroes'. Although the size of a British halfpenny, the obverse die used to strike them was a British halfpenny die, they were to circulate in the Bahamas at a penny. The reverse commemorates the victory of Captain Wodes Rogers over pirates in 1717. The issue was rejected on the island. The sterling system was adopted there on 24 December 1838.

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