Proposal to Monash University regarding the "installation of a Ferranti Sirius Computing System", by Ferranti Ltd., dated September 1961. The proposal has a handwritten signature in blue ink by Barry de Ferranti. Barry was one of the directors of Ferranti Ltd.. Sales proposal for Monash University to purchase a Ferranti Sirius with one CPU and an extra memory cabinet with 3000 word store plus one TR5 Tape rreader, one teletype punch , plus another TR5 Tape reder and tape editing suite desk mounted. Proposal dated September 1961. Proposal includes Ferranti brochure for Ferranti Sirius, LIST DC 42A January 1961 and a programming aide-memoire. Proposal offers to lend a computer to the university in the beginning of 1962 if they order a Ferrant. There is a nine month lead time and the loan would cover this period.

This item is paperwork from Monash University.

The Ferranti Sirius in the Museum Victoria collection was donated by Monash University in 1975. The University had acquired the computer from ICIANZ (Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia and New Zealand) in 1967.

Monash University donated hardware, software and paperwork to Museum Victoria. The donation included items from both ICIANZ and Monash University, but it has not been always possible to identify to which institution every item belonged. In March 2013, a researcher from Monash University Computing Museum identified the sources of as many of the items as she could.

Physical Description

Loose-leaf document bound within grey cardboard covers. Covers have blue text. Proposal is typed on white paper, and also includes a printed brochure "An introduction to the Ferranti Sirius Computer".

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