General Description

Upper body fur is long, fluffy and dark brown. Underparts are lighter. Feet are dark. Tail is short and dark. Head is wide and teeth are broad compared to other rodents of its size. Tuft of hair inside ear distinguishes them from other rats. Body up to 18 cm, tail up to 13 cm.


Feeds primarily on grasses and sedges. They have enlarged intestines, wide molars and broad incisors that help them process the large quantities of food they must consume to obtain sufficient nutrients. In this sense they are convergent with voles and lemmings of the northern hemisphere.


Patchy distribution in in cool, wet areas of Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania from sea level to the highest peaks but with greatest occurrence at higher elevations.


Occurs in alpine and subalpine heathlands, grassland adjacent to boulder outcrops, swamps, sedgelands, coastal grassy or shrubby dunes, and sometimes forests with grassy understories.

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