General Description

Medium sized lizard with golden to brown-black back with scattered black scales on the upper side. The back edge of the ear opening is pale. Broad black zone on flanks with whitish flecks. Lower side area paler with dark and light flecks. Belly pale metallic grey, sometimes with grey smudges. Hind limbs and toes long. Average snout to vent (the opening near the base of the tail) length is 7.5 cm.


An agile, diurnal (ie. active during the day) lizard most commonly found along waterways and small creeks where it can be seen basking on rocks, logs and vegetation. The Southern Water Skink bears live young with females giving birth to between 1 and 6 offspring in mid to late summer.


Sothern and eastern Victoria and south-eastern New South wales


Creeks and swamps in mountainous areas

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