General Description

Above: dark violet-purple with narrow black margins (males) or iridescent bluish-green basal areas of the wings and broad cream patch on the forewings (females). Below: grey, forewing basal area brownish-black with a series of pale iridescent bluish-white bars (males) females similar to males except forewing has a cream patch, hindwing markings more pronounced. Wingspan up to 5.5 cm.


Butterflies of this species are seldom seen close to the ground. Females fly near mistletoe in eucalyptus trees. Males can be seen combating rival males on hilltops. The larvae shelter near the base of eucalypt trees during the day and at night feed on mistletoe. They are always accompanied and protected by sugar ants during this journey to feed.


From south-east Queensland to south-east South Australia. Uncommon in Victoria.


Dry eucalypt woodland.

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