General Description

Brown fur across rear and underside of body, darker brown-black across head and shoulders with a sharp distinction between the two colours. Distinct fleshy lobes at corner of mouth. Females larger than males. Average weight 14g, average length 11.5 cm.


Gould's Chocolate Wattled Bats are active year-round in warmer parts of the country. In southern Australia, including Victoria, they hibernate over winter from May to late August or early September. They nest in a range of sites, including tree hollows, bird's nests and in the ceilings and basements of buildings. They usually roost in colonies of around thirty individuals but sometimes in smaller or larger groups. During the day they remain in their roosting places, emerging soon after sunset. They emit high-pitched chirps as they forage. Their diet is mostly insects, such as moths or beetles, which they forage for below the tree canopy. They sometimes eat seeds. Gestation (pregnancy) lasts around three months with young being born in November and December, though this varies around the country. Twin births are common. The young remain attached to their mother's teats during flight for six weeks until they weaned in December and January. This is the largest species of lobe-lipped bat in Australia.


Throughout Australia except Far North Queensland.


Dense and open woodlands, mallee, tall shrubland and open areas as well as urban areas.

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