General Description

Tall flightless shaggy bird with long legs and neck. Plumage varies in colour, from pale grey-brown, to warm brown with black spots or mainly black. Skin around the face and neck almost bare and blue-black. Juveniles are grey with black or brown stripes. Males up to 190 cm tall.


Emus walk steadily with a precise gait, and run swiftly. They are seen most often in pairs, families or loose flocks up to dozens. Male Emus build flat nests on the ground and incubate the eggs without eating, drinking, defecating or leaving the nest for around 55 days, and escort their young for up to 18 months.


Throughout Australia.


Varied habitat, temperate to tropical regions at all altitudes. Plains, scrublands, open woodlands, pastoral lands, semi-desert and margins of lakes.

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