General Description

Upperparts dark olive-brown, rump belly and flank a dull red-brow, throat buff grey and streaked in some sub-species. Distinctive white stripe above and below eyes, area between the stripes black. Eye a light cream. Small: bill to tail length up to 14 cm.


Australia's most common scrubwren. White-browed Scrubwrens are often seen in pairs in dense undergrowth. They are sedentary, generally staying in the same vegetation patch. They are extremely active, spending most of their time foraging through the leaf-litter for insects and occasionally seeds. Can form groups of up to six birds, with group members helping to care for any chicks. Their nest is a large dome made from grass, leaves and twigs, lined with feathers. Access to the nest is gained from a side opening. The usual clutch size is two to three eggs.


Eastern, southern and western mainland Australia and Tasmania.


Open forests, rainforests, woodlands, scrubs, heaths and urban areas.

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