General Description

Body white-yellow to orange-brown with variegated patches of light or dark brown. Up to 5 cm long, usually 2.5-4 cm (head to tail tip).


The Wood Scorpion is a widespread south-eastern Australian species, and one of three species known to occur in the greater Melbourne region. They usually live in burrows under plant litter on the ground. These burrows are shallow if they are temporary and deeper if they will be occupied longer. They can also live under the bark of standing trees, preferring eucalypts. They feed on small invertebrates generally less than 10 mm in body length. Wood Scorpions can live for more than three years. A female can produce 30 live young at a time, and initially carries them on her back inside the burrow.


South-western and eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania.


Under bark of eucalypt trees and in ground leaf litter, in burrows, also urban gardens.

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