General Description

Large plump quail, head and nape streaked grey, brown and black. Upper body grey-brown, barred with cream, black, and black blotches. Underside of body is white, sides pale brown and streaked black. Males have a solid, irregularly-shaped black patch in the centre of their breast, and an orange face and throat, outlined with a chain of black spots at the neck. Females are similar, but lack the black breast patch and have cream faces with dark stripes. Length to 20 cm; wingspan to 33 cm.


These birds can be found in pairs or small groups in grasslands, cereal crops or stubble. When they are disturbed, they run rapidly in short bursts, only taking to flight when pressed. If they do, they take off at a very shallow angle, with a whirring noise, and will fly for only a short distance before dropping to the ground and running away again.


South-eastern and South-western Australia.


Grasslands and shrublands of temperate regions, areas of tall, dense ground vegetation, including cereal crops and stubble.

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