General Description

A long slender parrot that is distinguished from other small parrots by its prominent yellowish crest. It has a grey body, wings and tail with a large white shoulder patch. It has a red cheek patch and the males have a yellow face. Females' faces are grey, tinged yellow. Body size 30 to 33 cm.


Usually seen whirling about the sky in pairs or small flocks emitting its distinctive "weeroo" call while in flight. It is also a popular cage bird. At times they can be seen in large numbers perched in the branches of a dead tree near watering points. It feeds on the ground on grass seeds and is nomadic, following grass seeding events in areas that have had recent good rainfall. They lay 5 to 7 white round eggs on decayed debris in a tree hollow.


Across Australia.


Open forests, woodlands, and shrublands in inland Australia.

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