General Description

Body at most 6 times as long as wide; pleon (abdomen) not especially tapering; head with dorsal boss; 2-3 pleonites visible dorsally. Pleonite (section of abdomen) 1 suture obscured by dorsal coxal plate 7. Pereonite 1 without shoulders, as wide as pereonite 2; pereonites 1-4 usually with dorsolateral sculpture. Pleotelson (the last part of the abdomen, fused to the final section called the telson) lateral margins convex, without posterolateral angles (except small individuals). Dorsal coxal plates not visible on posterior pereonites; first pleonite not longer than others. Body up to 2.5 cm long.


Eudidotea bakeri is one of the most frequently encountered idoteids from shallow algal communities of southern Australia. Known as sea centipedes they live and feed on decaying seaweed.


Southern Australia.


Seagrass beds to depths of 17 m.

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