General Description

Peron's Tree Frogs have the ability to quickly change colour, ranging from a pale green-grey to a red-brown, and has tiny emerald-green flecks on its back. Thighs, groin and armpits have black and bright yellow markings. Its belly is granular and white or cream. It has cross-shaped pupils and silver irises. Body size up to 7 cm. Call similar to a drilling sound, also been described as a slow, descending 'maniacal cackle'.


On the coast, this frog is found in trees and streamside vegetation. Outside of the breeding season, it is usually found in tree canopies. It breeds in temporary pools, dams and ditches and sometimes tries to breed in suburban fish ponds. The male calls from the ground or in vegetation near water from spring to summer. The female lays its eggs in still water. It can be seen in urban areas and often calls during the day from cavities like drain pipes.


Coastal to inland areas of eastern Australia, including south-eastern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.


Often found in forest, farmland and open grassland habitats near dams, ponds, swamps and large pools in creeks.

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