General Description

Rostrum (extension of carapace between eyes) trilobed, medial lobe with up to 10 tubercles each side; lateral lobes half as long as medial lobe, separated by broad U. Fourth segment (merus) of first leg (pereopod 1) spinose on lower edge; distal margin of fifth segment (carpus) with strong lower spine, shorter upper spines; sixth segment (propodus) with denticles on lower margin and small upper spine distally; fixed finger one-fifth length of last segment (dactylus). Tail fan (telson) wider than long, smooth, margin concave. Carapace up to 4 cm long.


Very little is known of the biology of this family of animals but they are thought to be sediment feeders. They can only be found by destroying their habitats so are rarely seen.


Southern temperate oceans, including eastern Australia.


Intertidal to high subtidal, to depth of 9 m.

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