General Description

The arms are branched several times; the disc covered in conical tubercles except in the (inter-radial) area between the bases of the arms which has a sunken groove. There are tiny arm spines on the ventro-lateral surface that start before the first arm branch. There are transverse series of small "girdle" hooks on the upper side of the arms. Colour usually pale grey to dark brown, sometimes with dark red-black spots or bands across the arms. Disc up to 6 cm wide, arm up to 15 cm long.


This species is the only shallow water basket-star (branched brittle-star) in Victoria. It extends some of its branched arms like a net into a current to feed on small plankton. The "girdle" hooks on the arms can be used to store food.


Southern Australia.


Occurs on sea-whips, gorgonians and sponges, from subtidal depths to the upper continental slope (10-450 m).

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