General Description

Rostrum with 6-9 unevenly spaced dorsal teeth, 2 posterior to orbit of the eye; 3-6 ventral teeth, usually 4. Branchiostegal spine set back from and its tip barely reaching anterior carapace edge, high on branchiostegite. Branchiostegal groove looping over spine. Fifth segment (carpus) of male second leg (pereopod 2) longer than palm (propodus proximal to finger), reaching to tip of scaphocerite. Distinct transverse red and/or occasionally olive stripes across all abdominal somites; less distinct longitudinal and oblique red stripes on carapace; antennule inner flagellum pink with few white flecks; often row of white chromatophores along lateral carina of the rostrum. Up to 1.5 cm long.


This common species is easily confused with P. intermedius. The two may co-occur on muddy sediments and in seagrasses. This species is common in bays where there is estuarine influence and salinity is low.


Southern temperate oceans, including south-eastern Australia.


Low intertidal to 3 m depth.

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