General Description

A medium-sized slender parrot. The male is bright emerald green with a blue-green head, yellow underside, blue highlights on the wings and back, and a bright orange-red rump. The female is a dull olive green with a lighter underside, blue-black wingtips and a green rump. They call to each other with a chee chillip chee chilli call. Average body size: 25-28 cm.


Red-rumped Parrots mate for life. They usually breed in spring, but can breed at any time of year in areas of good rainfall. They nest in the hollows of eucalypt trees, laying 3-7 eggs on the bottom of the hollow. The female incubates the eggs, while the male gathers food to feed her. They eat seeds, leaves, grasses, fruit and flowers and are often seen feeding on the ground in pairs or small groups, sometimes with other parrots species. They are commonly seen in urban parks and gardens, flying up into the trees and calling noisily when disturbed, and returning to the ground again to feed when the threat has passed.


South-eastern mainland Australia.


Open grasslands, dry woodlands and wooded farmlands with access to water. Common in urban parks and gardens.

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