General Description

Body slender, compressed; orbital tentacle with a number of lobes; last fin spine of first dorsal connected by membrane to base of second dorsal fin; dorsal fin spines usually with free unbranched tips; anal fin membranes deeply incised. Colour variable, often reddish-brown or greenish, with about 7 broken bars extending onto dorsal and anal fins; sometimes uniformly dark; a large black spot present below first dorsal fin on each side; a black bar from below eye to upper jaw. To 20 cm.


Live bearers with the young developing inside eggs and hatching within the female before the well-developed larvae are born live. Individual females usually carry multiple batches of eggs and/or embryos at the same time. This is the most common weedfish in seagrass beds in Port Phillip, Victoria.


South-eastern Australia, including western and central Victoria.


Amongst rocks, seagrass and algae in bays, tides pools and along the coast in depths of 0-10 m.

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