General Description

Mid-grey, slightly darker on wings and tail and paler, almost white, on belly. Black stripe from bill to eye. Juveniles are browner, more mottled, and have less black on the face. Some birds in the east have head and breast black with bars on abdomen.


The White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike is quite common. It is seen alone, in pairs, or occasionally in small flocks. Mainly resident, although some birds may make regular movements. They eat invertebrates, as well as some fruit, nectar and seeds. They are mostly seen amongst the branches and foliage of trees. The nest is a shallow cup of plant materials bound with spider web in the fork of a tree. The eggs are greenish or blue-green, marked with brownish spots or flecks, usually clutch size is 1-3 eggs.


Northern and eastern Australia.


Mostly forests and woodlands, also grasslands.

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