General Description

Body extremely flattened and asymmetric with both eyes on right side of the head. Snout extends into a fleshy point. The dorsal fin starts just behind the snout tip. On the eyed-side, the pelvic fin is connected to the anal fin, but on the underside the pelvic fin is absent. The tail fin is separated from the dorsal and anal fins. Upperside dark greenish, greyish or brownish, with darker blotches. Body up to 45 cm.


Adult Greenback Flounder are nocturnal and feed on bottom-dwelling (benthic) invertebrates such as crustaceans and polychaete worms. Spawning occurs in the deeper parts of estuaries and offshore waters from late winter to spring. The Greenback Flounder is a common and highly regarded food fish.


Southern Australia.


Bays, estuaries, and inshore coastal waters in depths to 100 metres.

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