General Description

Adults are black with five white lines across the forewing, some short and the outermost scalloped with two pointed projections. Between the outer line and the edge of the wing are seven white lines following the veins. The abdomen had a red or orange tip. The wingspan is 5-7 cm, with the females larger than the males. Caterpillars are black with numerous thin white bands. The head, legs and tail are orange and there are a pair of red protuberances on the back towards the tail end. Length up to 6 cm.


Caterpillars are found on mistletoes growing on a range of trees, including eucalypts. The moths feed in the open and, presumably, are distasteful to birds. When disturbed they curl their head up and back. Adults are most commonly observed in summer.


Throughout mainland Australia.


Forests and woodlands where there are mistletoes.

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